Whopper Meatball Sambos And Hot Dudes Serving Them

I hate Subway. I think they are just about the worst example of global food being Americanised. They've taken something that couldn't really be much easier to make (a sambo), added some marketing guff and franchised the shit out of it. There is one in my local Londis and as I walk past and see them taking pre-cooked meat out of bags I vomit a little in my mouth. Luckily it's a free world and I don't have to eat it no matter how much Tommy Bowe tells me that it helps his performance. I will say this about them though... Their meatball sub has nearly made me give into them a few times. Coppinger Row do a great meatball sandwich too but it's a little too high end price wise to have for lunch everyday. Luckily a new spot called Dough Boys has just opened and they are like a pimped out version of Subway and their signature dish is a gorgeous Meatball Sub.

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Dublin 2

01-855 5555

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Somethin’ to say?